Mobile Massage Isle of Lewis

About NirVANa Mobile Massage

NirVANa mobile massage in Isle of Lewis will visit your home, caravan or holiday let in the Western Isles for Swedish, hot stones or aromatherapy massage in our luxury (and cosy) mobile treatment room.

Marion is a SMTO qualified Swedish massage therapist offering relaxing Swedish massage in clients’ homes and holiday cottages or in the massage van. She is also qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy and is be able to provide consultations and prescriptions including massage, creams, bath soaks and lots more.

If you are feeling tired or stressed, muscles are aching or you just want to treat yourself or a friend NirVANa has the answer with lovely indulgent massage routines tailor-made to each individual client. In a fast and busy world it is of great benefit to take time out for yourself and indulge in a luxury treatment, benefiting mind, body and soul.

The beauty of NirVANa treatments are that they are where ever you are. Just step into your living room or into the luxury of the mobile treatment room.  Whatever treatment you choose you will experience relaxation and a return to balance and well-being. After your treatment there’s no need to drive home, your there already just relax.

Nirvana Mobile Massage Isle of Lewis developed from a need to de-stress and improve my own positivity to life. My house was small and there was no room for a home massage but if you travel to a spa, treatment room or beauty salon there is always a need to park or get home afterwards and the pleasure of unwinding is diminished. NirVANa is designed to give the client a personal service, making them feel special and worth treating themselves. The bliss of not having to get ready for a treatment or go into a town or city is an added luxury.

Luxury Massage Isle of Lewis

The mobile treatment room is a converted Iveco van with new tinted windows, insulation and lining. The interior has a heater for colder days and has plenty room to relax for the consultation and a mobile massage table which can be used in your own house or left in the comfort of the van. NirVANa Mobile massage believes in quality and luxury at affordable prices and supplies cosy towels and even a robe if required.

About Marion

Marion has worked as a Biomedical Scientist in laboratory medicine in the NHS for over 30 years and has several qualifications including a PhD in the field.

In 2013 she retrained as a Swedish massage therapist and has now a Diploma in Swedish Massage, a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and Certificate in Hot Stone Therapy. In 2013 she started her new venture as NirVANa Mobile Massage, offering massage therapy to clients in Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland including the Isle of Lewis.

Working in healthcare Marion is a mature and knowledgeable professional with an understanding of health and well being and is committed to a holistic approach.

Marion’s background in healthcare has inspired the concept of NirVANa as we all need to look after ourselves more and more in this busy frenetic world. Working in the NHS can be rewarding but very busy and many colleagues and myself suffer from the pressures of everyday life and neglect their own well being. NirVANa was designed to help us all look after ourselves and give ourselves luxury and treats more often.

Mobile Massage Isle of Lewis – Tailored for You!

Cleanliness and a relaxing, warm, luxurious environment are the 1st steps in a relaxed client and the best outcome from the treatment. Marion is committed to providing a professional, mobile massage – a personal and tailored treatment that is suited to the client’s needs and leaves the client feeling pampered, recharged and revitalised ready for life.