Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones MassageHot stone massage is a popular massage therapy, particularly beneficial for stress and relaxation but also useful in deep tissue repair. Warm stones have a sedative effect and the heat penetrates deep into the tissues improving circulation.

This treatment is wonderfully relaxing and can be combined with tailor made aromatherapy oils for increased benefits. This treatment makes the client feel like they are really pampering themselves.

Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Woman receiving hot stones massage on feet.During your Hot Stone Massage, the stones are used warm to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and give a very relaxing massage, helping soothe away tension and return balance to the client leaving them feeling a sense of really luxury and total rejuvenation.

This luxurious treatment is usually only offered as part of a whole body massage for full benefit.

By adding aromatherapy oils blended specifically for the client this treatment is wonderfully beneficial and a real treat.  To book a hot stones massage, why not drop us an email.