Frequently Asked Questions


Treatments Costs & Travel

Are the prices I see on your website set in stone?

No, I often share discounts and special offers on facebook and can discuss discounts for multiple bookings

When you say you are mobile, how far will you travel?

I will travel up to 15 miles from Stornoway on most occasions at no extra cost. Occasionally I am available as far away as Fife and the Western Isles so am willing to discuss those.

If staying/visiting Stornoway, do I get a discount?

For regular clients based in Stornoway, (or surrounding area) who I visit on a regular basis, there is an automatic £5 discount.

Where are the treatments carried out?

Treatments are preferrably carried out in the mobile van, but can be undertaken in your home with prior notice.


Treatment: Swedish Massage

If I have a heart condition can I have a massage?

Any serious complaint that you visit the doctor for or if you are on medication it is best to check there 1st. I have a minimum charge so its a waste of your money if I cannot massage on the day. Check out the consultation form and contact me if you are concerned prior to appointment.

Can I have a massage if I have been drinking alcohol?

Essentially no, but if its a glass of wine with lunch thats ok. I will not massage anyone under the influence of drink or drugs.

I have acne, will this cause a problem?

Only over the effected area. Any condition that is infectious is contra-indicated for massage. If treatment for acne is desired a cream or bath blend can be made using aromatherapy.

I suffer from arthritis but would like a back massage, is there anything you can do?

Yes I have a special massage chair for seated back, head and neck massage if requested. I can assess on arrival.


Hot Stones Massage

I have a lung disease can I get a Hot Stone massage?

The contra-indications for hot stones are essentially the same as Swedish massage. Please consult your doctor 1st if you are receiving treatment.

How hot are the stones used for a Hot Stone Massage?

They are heated to 70oC then cooled prior to the massage, they feel hot but not burning. Your skin goes pink or red but returns to normal once cooled down.

Do you place hot stones directly on the skin?

The stones are used to massage and once cooled may be placed on strategic points eg. Back, toes, fingers. Hot stones may be placed on the body wrapped or covered by a towel.

Can I do exercise afterwards?

Vigorous exercise after any massage is not advisable and Hot Stone massage is deep into muscles and is very relaxing. Enjoy the luxury and have a day off!


Treatment: Clinical Aromatherapy

I do not like massage, can I have a treatment for aches and pains?

Yes, not all clients require a massage for their ailment. I can prescribe creams, lotions, rubs, room scents, or bath remedies.

I don’t like some essential oils?

All aromatherapy treatments are taylor made to the client with their preferences of aroma and complaint considered.

Will the oils stain my clothes?

Some oils have colour and as they are in a carrier oil also there is potential for marking clothing although minimal.

I am allergic to nuts should I avoid aromatherapy?

No but it is essential to state this prior to the appointment. Oils from other sources will be used.