Clinical Aromatherapy

Clinical Aromatherapy

As a clinical aromatherapist Marion offers consultations and treatments for a variety of conditions and ailments from aches and pains to stress. The use of essential oils in therapy is an ancient art with wide use from bathing and massage to creams and room scents. A consultation uses a holistic approach to repair and re-invigorate the body and mind.

Usually a consultation will involve massage but may only or also include a prescription of cream, soaks or room scents to restore well being.

Essential oils include relaxing lemongrass, chamomile, lavender, sandalwood as well as many others with healing properties such as tea tree, thyme, vetivert and many more.

Clinical AromatherapyA typical aromatherapy session would involve a consultation to discover the real root of a problem and use a holistic approach to treatment. By looking at all the systems of the body the client feels real overall benefit to health and wellbeing.

The aromas from the essential oils work on the body and mind and as they are blended during the consultation and specific to each individual clients needs.

Does clinical aromatherapy help?

Examples of ailments which benefit specifically from the use of essential oils are many but specifically experience with clients recently includes arthritis – both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, stress, depression, muscle aches, swelling joints …. or just to treat yourself to unwind and relax!

The beautiful scents of essential oils such as rose, sandalwood and neroli are particularly beneficial in bath preparations, skin creams and lotions. Clients with eczema, oily skin and other complaints can have tailor-made prescriptions to help in their treatment.